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East Hills Middle School: Ancient Civilizations

Middle School Resources in Context

POWER Library

Click on the image to access POWER Library.  Remember, if you're doing this from home, you will need a public library card to access the site.  Don't forget the 24/7 chat with a librarian!



Ancient Tablet Collection

View tablets and cuneiforms from from the 4th millienium BCE; Adab, Shuruppak, and Umm; andDūr-Abiešuḫ, an unidentifed town of the late Old Babylonian (17th century BCE) town in Mesopotamia.

Ancient History Encyclopedia

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopatamia Crash Course!

Ancient India

Indus Valley Crash Course!

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Crash Course!

Ancient Greece & Rome

Roman Republic Crash Course!