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Schoology ONLINE Workshops


Course 1 - Introduction to Schoology for Secondary Teachers - 2 hours BFLEX/Act48  - online(on demand)Register Here

Come to learn about BASD's own Learning Management System - Schoology! You'll learn about basic features and get started with the basics such as logging into Schoology, setting up your account, navigating Schoology and connecting Schoology to your Google Drive.

Course 2 - Creating Basic Content in Schoology - 2 hours BFLEX/Act48  - online(on demand)Register Here

Are you interested in…running a paperless classroom? streamlining content delivery for in class activities? running your classroom on the go from a mobile device? keeping students engaged when they are absent from school? …ALL from the same website? Attend this session to learn how you can organize and post digital content to the district's official learning management system: Schoology.

Course 3- Schoology Assignments  - 2 hours BFLEX/Act48  - online(on demand) Register Here

Schoology Assignments are just one way that students can demonstrate their knowledge and skills to their teacher digitally. Come learn the basics and some of the advanced features of the assignment tool that make Schoology a powerful platform to use with all of your students. In addition, we'll take a look at the new Schoology/Google Drive integration that allows teachers to assist students throughout the creation of their document.

Course 4 - Increase Communication with Students in Schoology - 1 hour BFLEX/Act48 - online(on demand) Register Here

Increase teacher/student communication with tools from Schoology. You'll learn how to utilize the updates/announcements tool, how to maximize the impact of notifications and how to leverage the built in calendar to keep everyone on track!

Course 5 - Learn How To Become a Trailblazer Coach! - 1.5 hours BFLEX/Act48 - online(on demand) Register Here

Interested in helping other teachers (team, department) learn the basics of using Schoology? Earn the Trailblazer Coach credential and be recognized for your expertise! Please come to this session to get started and learn how you can earn the first official BASD credential!

Course 6 - Create and Grade Formative Assessments in Schoology - 2 hours BFLEX/Act48 - online(on demand) Register Here

Schoology Quizzes/Tests created and implemented in courses can help teachers check for student understanding of concepts and provide instant feedback to students to help them know their learning progress. Come to this session to learn how to strategically set up Schoology assessments to match learning goals, to create basic assessment questions, to take the assessment and how to assess the open ended question.

Course 7 - Setup eSchoolPLUS Grade Sync/Use the Schoology Gradebook - 1.5 hours BFLEX/Act48 - online(on demand)  Register Here

Have you heard how the Schoology gradebook can sync with eSchoolPLUS? Come to this session to to learn how the Schoology gradebook works and how to set up the sync to maintain a consistent experience for students between the two systems.

Create an Interactive Learning Environment in Schoology - 8/15/2017 - 12:00 - 1:00 PM - Liberty 331 or online - Register Here

Schoology is a great system for posting content but the real magic happens with student interaction. Learn how to create deeper collaborative communities for your students through the usage of Schoology's exclusive discussion features and polls. 

Course 8 - Work Smarter, Not Harder: Using Schoology Resources Area -1.5 hours BFLEX/Act48 - online(on demand) Register Here

Discover how you can utilize the Resources area in Schoology to keep master copies of courses, share content with others, and find content from the Schoology community.

Course 9 - Ending Your Schoology Course on a High Note - 2  hours BFLEX/Act48 - online(on demand)  - Register here
Learn how to end your Schoology course well when it comes to syncing your grades, tidying up the Schoology gradebook, entering in final exam scores, and reusing some of your course materials.

Course 10 - Leverage Advanced Content in Schoology - 1.5 hours BFLEX/Act48 - online(on demand) Register Here

How do you embed outside content into a Schoology page? How do you utilize the math editor? How can you (and your students) utilize the built in multimedia recorder to enhance the course or submit audio/video clips? Come to this session to learn this AND MORE!

Course 11 - Explore and Moderate Schoology Groups - 1.5 hours BFLEX/Act48 - online(on demand) ​-  Register Here

Both using and moderating groups can be a great way to manage communication and content outside of the classroom. Learn how to utilize public group resources, to to be a smart group member, and how to moderate a group for various purposes.

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