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Library Rules and Consequences

Mrs. Mueller’s Classroom Management Plan:
"Be a Leader in the Library"

Habit 1- Be Proactive: We return our books on time.  We are careful to keep the bookshelves neat.  We clean up our supplies and work spaces.

Habit 2- Begin with the End in Mind: We come to the library ready to work, learn, and have fun.  We focus on finding books that are “just right” for us.

Habit 3- Put First Things First: We listen and follow directions to be successful.  We get our work done so we can earn free time.

Habit 4- Think Win-Win: We are kind and make others feel good.  We want others to succeed.  We look for the best way to solve a problem.


Habit 5- Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood: We listen to others without interrupting.  We are confident to voice our own ideas.

Habit 6- Synergize: We are respectful.  We get along with those who are different than us.  We work together to find the best solution.

Habit 7- Sharpen the Saw: We read for fun and to learn new things.  We use free time to explore and create in the Makerspace.

Library Consequences
1. Verbal warning
2. Lose a Book Buck
3. Student/teacher conference
4. Think Sheet
5. Note or phone call home

Lexile Level- Find a book!!

Coronavirus: A Book for Children

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Spaghetti Book Club

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BASD Technology Use Guide

Epic Books- Classroom Code is DXC-8518


Book Fair Video

Putting books in order

What is your favorite part of library class?

What is your favorite part of library class?
Picking a new book: 106 votes (74.65%)
Story time on the carpet: 10 votes (7.04%)
Earning a Book Buck: 4 votes (2.82%)
Reading on the bean bags: 22 votes (15.49%)
Total Votes: 142