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Broughal Middle School: Library Procedures

Books, technology, tutoring...visit today!

Welcome to Our Library Media Center!

Everyone is welcome to read, study, complete homework, work on projects, and visit the IGNITE Center (our makerspace). Come to explore your passions, learn, and share ideas in a respectful, responsible manner.

  • If you are visiting during school hours, you must have a pass.
  • We need your help to care for our books and equipment. If you find something that needs attention, please talk to Mrs. Bothwell or Mrs. Cressman and we will address it.
  • If you have overdue books, you must return them before checking out any more books.
  • We maintain a shelf of free books that you may take home and keep.
  • Food and drinks must be enjoyed at one of the tables outside of the library.
  • Please save gum to chew outside of school.
  • Students who neglect their responsibilities in the library will be given a verbal warning. If the misbehavior continues, we will discuss library expectations with parents, and then the grade level guidance counselor. 

Let's make our library a welcoming, productive place to be!