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Broughal Middle School: Resources to Support Class Sets

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Al Capone Does My Shirts


Page 1 Introduction

Page 2 Description/Definition of what autism is

Page 3 Signs, symptoms, affected age groups

Page 4 Possible treatments

Page 5 Conclusion

Autism Web Resources

Use our database above by typing the word "autism" into the Student Resources in Context search box.

Al Capone

Page 1 Introduction

Page 2 Who was Al Capone?

Page 3 What did he do that landed him in prison?

Page 4 How long was he in prison and what was his fate?

Page 5 Conclusion


Bonus: Try World Book Online!

Escaped Convicts

Page 1 Introduction - Background and name before Alcatraz

Page 2 Describe escape plans

Page 3 Describe execution of escape plans

Page 4 What happened after the failed escape?

Page 5 Conclusion